How to Streamline Landscaping Cost Estimation with Construction Software

When the weather turns warm, our attention is soon focused onto our gardens.

As we sit outside and enjoy our gardens, now is the time to consider landscaping in order to make the most of your outside space, and turn it into a beautiful, landscaped oasis.

Landscaping Cost Calculator

There is a growing popularity for making outdoor living more homely and for taking care of our patios and lawns like never before.

If you are burdened by weeds and confronted with sorry-looking flowerbeds, getting help through landscaping is your answer.

A landscaping cost calculator helps calculate the total cost of labour, materials, tools and plants for landscaping.

This calculator allows you to set your own budget for paving slabs, posts, kerbs, block paving, fences and gravel boards. If the materials are already supplied, only the labour needs to be calculated.

The landscaping cost calculator includes different categories for landscaping, including:

  • Pathway
  • Turf
  • Driveway
  • Gates and fences
  • Kerbs

Driveways and Pathways

The cost calculator for driveways and pathways has many useful options and choices for calculation, including:

  • Excavation method, whether by machine or hand
  • The use of a grab lorry, skips or rubble sacks for the disposal of soil
  • Geotextile membrane
  • Whether using mix on site or ready mix concrete base
  • Whether a concrete, MOT Type 1 or crashed concrete sub-base
  • The use of a A142, A252, A193 or A393 mesh reinforcement
  • A laying course of loose, bulk bags or 25kg bags
  • Mortar pointing thickness of 20mm, 15mm, 10mm or 5mm
  • Choice of paving slabs and whether they are laid on mortar, directly on concrete or adhesive
  • Choice of driveway material such as concrete, block paving, paving slabs, gravel or asphalt


A landscaping calculator contains a module for fencing, and includes calculations for:

  • Hand or auger excavation methods
  • Skips, rubble sacks or grab lorry for the disposal of soil
  • The choice of precast concrete or timber fence posts
  • Whether using post fix or mix on site concrete
  • The choice of gravel boards, whether concrete or timber, in 300mm or 150mm
  • The choice of fence panels, whether they will be closeboard, lap or decorative, in six, five, four, or three feet in height
  • Decoration of wood


The calculation options for kerbs include:

  • The excavation method, whether by machine or hand
  • The use of a grab lorry, skips or rubble sacks for the disposal of soil
  • Whether using mix on site or ready mix haunching and bedding
  • Block flags
  • Road kerbs
  • Brick kerbs
  • Block kerbs
  • Pin kerbs


A landscaping calculator factors in different options for turf including:

  • Whether using machine or hand for the excavation method
  • The option of using rubble sacks, skips or grab lorry for the disposal of soil
  • The quantity of top soil
  • Grass seeds
  • Lawn turf
  • Cultivation

This kind of calculator takes the stress out of the preparation stage for a big project. Get the budget projection right, and the rest will go smoothly. Remember to include everything, down to the last detail.

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