What is next?
New Estimating Modules Added...

Coming Soon:

  • We’ll ensure that mobile devices can utilise our modules with ease and efficiency.
  • There will be a Help Menu added, with videos and a PDF manual, too. 
  • The function enabling you to Export to PDF, Word or Excel is in progress.
  • Payment Schedule Report
  • Work Schedule Report
  • You’ll soon be able to Send an Email with an attached quotation, direct to your customer.
  • In progress is the function that will allow you to combine different pages in to one PDF document.

Additions completed:

  • New pages have just been launched, including the informative: ‘About Software’ and the instructive page on ‘System Requirements’.
  • Ours is an ever-evolving platform and our construction software has add-ons that are continuously honed, just to make the platform feel like it has been made just for your business.
  • Fixed Bug on Safari 9.5- 10.0 for Mac users.
  • There is now a Messaging app that lets us chat with visitors.

New Estimating Modules Added:

  • Window Board Cost Calculator                                  
  • Wall Opening Cost Calculator
  • Stairs Balustrade Cost Calculator
  • Kitchen Cost Calculator

Our Estimating Software gives you the opportunity to make a variety of calculations. You will find so many options which will help you to build and structure your all-inclusive quotes. It does not matter if you are not used to using a cloud-based platform, not only will you find our system easy to use, but as it has been created and designed by programming experts - working alongside building industry professionals - it’s been designed with you in mind.

We have explanatory videos that will help you to plan your first calculations, taking you right through to the Presentation stage. Don’t forget… help is always at hand, with our Messaging app.

Bespoke Builders Software:
You will find that our software covers your needs and includes all important functions, such as the ability to add Legal Fees to your quotes, plus the all-important fixtures and fittings, which will set your quotes apart from your competitors. As you set out and build your calculations, you will see our 3D graphics form alongside your work. This feature will not only help with creating your quotes, but it will enable you to remember to add your vital other costs.

Because the software was designed for those in the building trade, true to our nature, we’ll keep adding to it and building more great features into it.

If you have any questions for us, please contact us at: [email protected]

System requirements
Please read the system requirements before purchasing

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